Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is primed to return to the frontbench according to the odds from

· Former PM $1.80 to return to frontbench by 2018.

· Sussan Ley’s portfolios are the favourite to head his way.

The odds for Abbott to be elevated to the Ministry by the end of 2018 have been cut into $1.80, with no return now the outsider at $1.95.

If the former Prime Minister does return to the frontbench, the online bookie reckons Sussan Ley may have some concerns with her Health, Aged Care and Sport portfolios the $4.00 favourite to go his way.

It has been suggested that Abbott is keen to take on the Indigenous Affairs portfolio but the online bookie only rates that a $7.50 chance.

“Like the smell of raw onion on your breath, Tony Abbott won’t go away with the odds suggesting we will once again be referring to our budgie smuggling former PM as Minister Abbott,’’ said’s Ben Bulmer.

Markets courtesy of
Abbott to get a Ministry by 2018
$1.80 Yes
$1.95 No

What Ministry will Abbott get
$4.00 Health and Aged Care, and Sport
$5.00 Communications and Arts
$6.00 Industry, Innovation and Science
$7.50 Defence
$7.50 Immigration and Border Protection
$7.50 Indigenous Affairs
$11 Defence Industry
$11 Social Services
$16 Education and Training
$16 Environment and Energy
$16 Trade, Tourism and Investment
$16 Infrastructure and Transport
$21 Resources and Northern Australia


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