· New look AC/DC $21 to play NRL or AFL Grand Final.

· Sportsbet offer $6.00 for an Australian tour with Axl Rose before 2018.

· Jimmy Barnes rated a good chance to replace Rose as front man.

One of the greatest rock bands in the world has just robbed another of the greatest rock bands in the world’s main vocalist and people everywhere collapsed and just went generally mental about it.

Online bookmaker is even taking bets on the musical phenomenon with $21 on offer for the AC/DC feat. Axl Rose to perform at either AFL or NRL Grand Final this year.

Even our own Jimmy Barnes is tipped to get in on the act, $3.00 to replace Axl as front man.

Something to mullet over though, and keep this quiet…Sportsbet are offering $2.75 AC/DC will be retired by New Year’s.

“The announcement left everyone a bit thunderstruck which is more than Meatloaf did at the Grand Final,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

Markets courtesy
AC/DC Specials
$2.75 AC/DC retire in 2016
$6.00 AC/DC to tour Australia with AXL Rose by 2018
$6.00 To produce an album with Axl Rose as the lead singer on every track before 2018
$6.00 AC/DC to have a reality tv contest to find the next lead singer
$21 To perform at the NRL or AFL grand final in 2016 with Axl Rose

Who will be the replacement vocalist in 2016?
$3.00 Jimmy Barnes
$7.50 Paul Stanley (KISS)
$11 Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother)
$16 Shannon Noll
$21 Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)
$26 Angry Anderson (Rose Tattoo)
$34 Kram (Spiderbait)
$41 Nic Chester (Jet)
$51 James Hetfield (Metallica)
$51 Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)
$101 Mark Gable (The Choirboys)
$101 Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)
$251 Guy Sebastian
$251 Peter Garrett
$251 Daniel Johns (Silverchair)


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