There has been money for both sides in the West Coast v Carlton game.

Head to Head Line

West Coast Eagles $1.50 1.92 (-13.5)

Carlton $2.65 1.92 (+13.5)

There has been money for both sides in the West Coast v Carlton game. Although Carlton were poor last week they have been met with support at $2.75, some injuries to the Eagles has seen punters shy away from backing them Head to Head, with most interest in the line betting, which has moved from 14.5 to 13.5.

Head to Head Line

Richmond $1.38 1.92 (-19.5)

Western Bulldogs $3.05 1.92 (+19.5)

Richmond has held their price all week at $1.38. But there has been some good money for Richmond at the line, which has moved from 18.5 to 19.5. The Dogs are solid at $3.05.

Head to Head Line

GWS GIANTS $1.47 1.92 (-16.5)

Melbourne $2.70 1.92 (+16.5)

There has been some strong support for Melbourne in their battle against GWS up in Canberra. The Dees went as far out as $3.00 but punters jumped on the back of that and they are now into $2.70.

Head to Head Line

Collingwood $2.75 1.92 (+14.5)

Adelaide Crows $1.45 1.92 (-14.5)

Collingwood and Adelaide has been one of the big moving games of the round. The Crows were out to $1.55 but are now into $1.45, with money still coming for them. Collingwood’s poor finish to the game last week and the loss of Sidebottom has seen them drift to $2.75 after opening $2.35. The line in the game has also drifted from 10 to 14.5.

Head to Head Line

Gold Coast SUNS $1.18 1.92 (-31.5)

St Kilda $5.00 1.92 (+31.5)

Gold Coast are home to St Kilda and have been around $1.18 all week. GC have been popular through multis, whilst the Saints are $5.00 and friendless with punters.

Head to Head Line

Port Adelaide $1.71 1.92 (-5.5)

Sydney Swans $2.15 1.92 (+5.5)

Punters can’t make a choice in this game, we opened the market with Sydney at $2.15, and it has not changed. Expect more to come over the weekend.

Head to Head Line

Geelong Cats $2.05 1.92 (+2.5)

Fremantle $1.80 1.92 (-2.5) .

The Geelong v Fremantle game has seen huge fluctuations. The Cats opened solid favourites at around $1.75, with as much as $2.15 given to the Dockers. The market has turned on its head here, Geelong are out to $2.05 and after giving a start of around 4.5 points are now getting a start of 2.5 pts. The Dockers are into $1.80.

Head to Head Line

Essendon $4.50 1.92 (+29.5)

Hawthorn $1.19 1.92 (-29.5)

The Essendon v Hawthorn game has seen a constant flow of support for the Hawks through multis. They have been $1.25 into $1.19, Essendon opened $4.00 but are now out to $4.50.

Head to Head Line

North Melbourne $1.18 1.92 (-35.5)

Brisbane Lions $5.00 1.92 (+35.5)

North Melbourne have been $1.20 into $1.18 against Brisbane. Again, North have been popular through multis, whilst Brisbane are unloved with punters – now out to $5.00.


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