On the eve of the EPL season, online bookmaker has revealed that Arsenal are who Australian punters have tipped to win the title, despite them being third favourites at $4.50.

Almost 35% of total money placed has been put down on the Londoners with Champions Chelsea ($2.50 favourites) attracting 25%.

Manchester United ($5.50) have resurrected with 20% of punters money – arch rivals Man City ($3.75) struggling with just 7%.

Big spenders Liverpool are at wild odds of $23 to finally end their title drought and have attracted only 13% of punter love.

One Aussie wacky wager of $70 dollars has been placed on Bournemouth at odds of $501 – meaning a potential return of $35,000!

“Aussie punters love the EPL and have come out all guns blazing to back Arsenal but the special one Jose Mourinho might have a thing or two to say about where this title ends up,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

Market courtesy of
EPL Winner
$2.50 Chelsea
$3.75 Man City
$4.50 Arsenal
$5.50 Man Utd
$23 Liverpool
$91 Tottenham
$226 Everton
$226 Southampton
$1001 Swansea
$1501 Crystal Palace
$1501 West Ham
$1501 Stoke
$1501 Newcastle
$2001 West Brom
$3001 Leicester
$3001 Sunderland
$3001 Aston Villa
$4001 Norwich
$4001 Bournemouth
$5001 Watford


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