Betfair Offer Better Odds Than Traditional Bookies

Betfair Cash Out:

Be In Control Of Your Bets. When they commenced acting as a bet matching service, Betfair somewhat blurred the line betwixt gambler and investor, because they made it possible for the average punter to function as a bookmaker and offer odds to other punters. Join Betfair Today.

This comparison of gambling to investing might generate some howls of outrage from the financial market brokers, but before we are pilloried completely, let us define the comparison by saying that the main similarity betwixt the two is that both feature a monetary risk on some uncertain future outcome.

In the case of an investor, that uncertain event might be the future value of a company’s stock, or the price of a commodity such as gold.

Well, it seems as though Betfair has just recently muddied the distinction betwixt gambling and investing once again.

Betfair has now made it possible for punters to lock in profits based on an odds change in the punter’s favour before the event has taken place.

The opposite is true as well: the punter may be able to limit the liability exposure on a market by taking a small loss to be released from the wager.

Here are a few of the pertinent details of this new programme, which is called Cash Out

1.The programme is only available on the exchange side of things. Any wagers where Betfair is functioning as a traditional online bookmaker are not eligible.

2. At the present time, Cash Out is only available on selected sports markets. Betfair determines which markets will contain the offer. Racing is not included.

3. Qualifying markets will be identified by a gold circle with a dollar sign inside of it. It is also possible to see which wagers are eligible by clicking on the Cash Out link on many of Batfair’s web pages.

4. There could be times when a market that typically offers the Cash Out option might not in another instance. Obviously, In-Play sports markets are one example. Cash Out would also be unavailable if a market on which there is an active wager is suspended for some reason.

5. Cash Out functions exactly as would occur if a punter were to trade bets on the exchange. The Betfair computers will place a bet or bets for the punter in order to cancel out the initial position. Betfair does earn a bit of a fee for performing this service.

6. Specific details for any successful Cash Out transactions will be shown on the betting slip and the wagering account statement.

7. A sudden move in the prices of a market may cause a Cash Out transaction request to be unsuccessful. Betfair does not guarantee that every attempt to perform a Cash Out deal will be completed. If and when this happens, a failure message appears on the screen and will then be replaced by a new offer.

8. In order to eliminate unmatched or partially matched bets from the exchange system, Betfair holds back a reserve on the liquidity of the market, so a Cash Out offer will be less than the amount that would be available for bets cashed out directly by the punter.

9. Proceeds from a successful Cash Out transaction are credited back to the Betfair wagering account whenever a profit is made. There could also be instances where a punter sustains a loss from a Cash Out transaction, for example, a punter electing to limit their liability on a market.

Finally, if there should be a “Draw No Bet” occurrence, which is the case in certain markets as determined by Betfair, any event that ends in a draw results in all bets on that market being declared void. Join Betfair Today.

A profit from a successful Cash Out transaction would be reclaimed by Betfair and a loss would be credited back to the account.

The ability to Cash Out or trade bets on the exchange side of the Betfair operation adds a new wrinkle to the punting game. A punter who follows the markets and places wagers well ahead of time might discover an additional source of revenue beyond simply backing or laying an event on the Betfair exchange.

Depending on how successful is the Cash Out programme, Betfair could in most probability increase the markets where it is available. Join Betfair Today.

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