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How To Use Betfair: Mobile Betting

These days, every kid in the kindergarten has mobiles. And while some people just make calls on their phones, I like to make money on mine.

Hello and welcome to step 4 of Betfair’s Path To Power, Mobile Betting.

First download the free Betfair App from the app store or if you have an android phone go to

All most everything you can do online you can do on your mobile phone.

You can find your account by tapping here, make a bet, first choose your market, add your stake, place your bet and hit confirm.

Of course if you want to bet during play on sport you will have to use your phone and call up Betfair.

Betfair Operator “Hello Betfair”

“Oh hi, Betfair, hang-on a minute will you.”

Join me next time for Step 3 of Betfair’s Path To Power Wallet Transfer.

Till then, may your punting be powerfull and your hair be brilliant.

Betfair Power To The Punter. Join Betfair Here: Better Odds Than Bookmakers

“Yes Hello, I would like to make a bet…..

More About Mobile Betting

Online betting, objectiveness aside somewhat, was probably the ultimate application of the personal computer and the Internet.

The amount of information and the number of potential markets that were now so easily accessible seemed like the perfect marriage between technology and entertainment.

This certainly remains true today, but just as our sense of awe was beginning to subside, along came a new innovation that almost makes online punting with a computer or a laptop seem as quaint as sending a personal letter to a friend suggesting a get-together at the pub for a pint.

That new innovation, and perhaps we should say newest because it is not exactly new, is mobile betting.

Mobile betting takes two basic forms

1. Using a handheld tablet and Wi-Fi to access mobile friendly bookmaker web pages.
2. Using bookmaker developed applications on smart phones.

Either of these represents a leap of considerable dimensions, since the end result is practically like being on-course. Then again, even if you do take a day at the track, you will see countless punters utilising their mobiles to scout the market for the meeting they are taking in and checking in on all the others in which they have an interest. It is almost as though you have been granted the power to be in all places at one time.

Virtually all of the bookmakers offer mobile wagering. To neglect this channel would be disastrous to a monumental degree.

And, in case you were wondering, you can actually use your mobile phone to call your bookmaker. Anyone who fails to appreciate the irony of that is simply immune to irony.

We want to take a closer look at Betfair’s offerings in this essential punting category. Much of the information here will be generally applicable to all the bookmakers, with minor details that are almost negligible to the extent that anyone who was competent with one bookmaker’s mobile betting applications would be able to navigate another’s in extremely short order.

Betfair’s mobile betting could be divided into four main categories. We are going to assume that anyone with any modicum of interest in mobile betting knows how to download applications.

1. Android applications
2. iPhone applications
3. Blackberry applications
4. iPad applications

Android Applications

Betfair has four Android device compatible applications.

1. Betfair on Android-A fast and secure app, Betfair on Android is also noteworthy for not being a resource or memory intensive application. This app permits punters to basically do anything they could do on a desktop or laptop computer: place back and lay bets, update and/or cancel bets, gain essentially instant access to markets, save favourites and authorise wagers and collect dividends.

An additional benefit is that in-play betting is facilitated due to the seldom utilised ability of smart phones to make phone calls.

2. Betfair Racing-Racing punters can engage in Betfair’s exchange betting and even wager on Great Britain and Ireland events. This app made its debut in the middle of 2011. It has certainly been tweaked a bit since then, but it basically allows a complete racing experience with form guide, analysis, tips and results.

3. ZoomBet-As if the others are not adequately fast, this one stakes the claim of being the fastest mobile app available. Features include the ability to check account status, find upcoming events and follow in-play odds live.

4. Betdroid-Even if this one were of no use whatsoever, it would deserve respect for its name alone. In broad strokes, this app permits simple bet entry, risk/reward calculations and other features. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so a four minute video might be considered worth several dictionaries; such a video can be found here:

iPhone Applications

There are three of these: Betfair, Betfair Racing and iBetMate. With the sincerest apologies to iPhone fanciers, the features and capabilities of the iPhone mobile betting applications are basically similar to those for Android devices, with those unique touches that have done much to make IPhones highly coveted. iBetMate receives high praise from users who like to trade their wagers and some feel it is the best of the iPhone apps.

Blackberry Applications

Despite the predictions that Blackberry is on life support, there is a good reason why fans of this device refer to them as Crackberries: They do what they are supposed to do, they do it right and they do it intuitively. Features are not quite as extensive as those for the more popular Android and Apple devices, but there is essentially no wagering activity that cannot be accomplished on a Blackberry.

iPad Applications

To understand the difference between mobile betting applications for the iPhone and those for the iPad, suffice it to say that the similarities are profound; the differences minor. You will have, of course, the advantage of much more screen real estate, something we older punters never fail to appreciate.

Mobile betting has had one profound and major benefit for punters. It is now possible to have a mind-boggling degree of wagering information in the pocket or the purse, ready to alert you to all manner of information concerning odds and upcoming events and anything else you could desire to know. All of this can be accomplished without the necessity of being confined in front of a computer screen that is attached to the wall by a wire or restricted to a limited distance from a wireless access point.

The power and convenience this represents cannot be understated. Just as telephone betting caused a seismic shift in the way betting was undertaken to the degree that it eventually eclipsed fact-to-face betting in terms of volume, or that Internet betting when first deployed had a similar effect on telephone betting, it is a relative certainty that the day is coming where mobile betting will be responsible for more wagers and more turnover that computer based betting.

The intriguing question is what comes after. Perhaps the day is coming when you will be able to telepathically place a wager, or simply tell your punting robot to do it for you.

Online bets from bookmakers Mobile Betting is Here!

Mobile betting has arrived in a big way. All the major bookmakers support mobile betting through your mobile device and so do we !