Sportsbet taking bets on which Coca Cola letter will sell for the most. The iconic Kings Cross sign is being put up for auction.

Most expensive letter is tipped to be the third C and fetch between $5K and $10K.
Coca Cola has upgraded its historic Kings Cross billboard and is giving the public a chance to purchase the highly recognisable letters of the previous version.
The auction is due to attract plenty of interest and even online bookmaker is taking bets on what letter will fetch the most.

The third C, or final C if you will – some might even call it the second capital C or go as far to say the last capital C…in the sign heads the betting at odds of $3.00 ahead of the first C at $4.00.

The standout letter L (which is actually one of a kind) is the next in the betting at odds of $6.00, while the second A, somewhat inferior to the first, pays $16.
Wacky auctions like this can turn quite a profit and Sportsbet has priced the highest selling price of any of the letters at between $5,000 and $10,000 at odds of $2.00.
Aussie ambassador Michelle Jenneke is a $51 shot to buy all the letters and one buyer is a $1.73 chance to snatch the entire collection.
“We’d bet on anything but stop short of Coke who put their trash on EBay sending people into a fizz to always have Coca Cola but those that do bid should try just get the L, an O, a C and another O,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

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Which letter will fetch the most at auction?
$3.00 Third C
$4.00 First C
$6.00 The L
$8.00 First O
$9.00 Second C
$11 First A
$14 Second O
$16 Second A

How much will the highest selling letter sell for?
$21 Under $100
$11 $100 – $1000
$5.00 $1001 – $5000
$2.00 $5001 – $10,000
$3.00 Over $10,000

Will all 8 letters be purchased by the one buyer?
$1.73 Yes
$2.00 No

Coca Cola Sign Futures
$21 Clover Moore to purchase all letters
$51 Michelle Jenneke to purchase all letters


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