Hobart City Council isn’t impressed with the people’s choice of “Harambe” as the name for their water slide so online bookmaker has come up with some suggestions they might be more keen to run with.

Favourite on the list is Tassie legend David Boon at $4.00 which stands to reason given the slide is in the “Doone” Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre.

Richmond Tigers star Jack Riewoldt might be a bit wet behind the ears to have landmarks named after him but he’s next in line at $5.00.

Tasmanian swimmers Shane Gould ($7.50) and Scott Goodman ($7.50) would both be worthy candidates given the time they’ve spent in the Aquatic Centre although Slidey McSlideface is unlikely to make the Council’s cut at $101.

“David Boon has always been one to stay hydrated and he’s a larger than life Tasmanian so we reckon Boonie is the way to go at the Doonie,” said’s Christian Jantzen.

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Will Hobart Council name the Slide Harambe?
$1.75 Yes
$2.00 No

What will the council call the slide?
$4.00 David Boon
$5.00 Jack Riewoldt
$7.50 Shane Gould
$7.50 Scott Goodman
$11 Ricky Ponting
$11 Sue Hickey
$21 David Walsh
$21 Andrew Wilkie
$34 Richie Porte
$101 Slidey McSlideface
$101 Jon Snow
$101 Dos Equis Man
$101 Grumpy Cat


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