The Coalition’s 2PP ratings are tipped to decline in post budget Newspoll. Malcolm Turnbull’s approval rating is also expected to take a hit.

Bill Shorten is fancied to receive a bump in his approval.

The Budget is tipped to not be received favourably by the public judging from the results tipped from the first Newspoll post Scott Morrison’s speech.

Online bookmaker are taking bets on the first published Newspoll and are offering $2.00 the Coalition will go down in the 2PP vote.

Improving their ratings pays $3.75 while staying stagnant is a $3.00 chance.

The PM is tipped to suffer another decline in his approval at odds of $1.75 while Bill Shorten is $2.00 to improve on his own standing.

“A bad budget can have a devastating impact on a Government’s popularity, just ask Joe Hockey or Wayne Swan. Looking at the odds this budget will go down like a lead balloon,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

Markets courtesy of
Next Newspoll 2PP
$2.00 The Coalition 2PP will go down
$3.75 The Coalition 2PP will go up
$3.00 The Coalition 2PP will stay the same

Turnbull approval rating – 1st post budget Newspoll
$1.75 Down
$3.00 Up
$5.00 The same

Shorten approval rating – 1st post budget Newspoll
$2.00 Up
$2.50 The same
$5.00 Down


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