It appears as though NSW Blues Captain Boyd Cordner could miss State of Origin III due to injury, but if ever there was a game to miss, this would have to be that game, as the series has already gone to NSW, courtesy of wins in Origin I and Origin II in Melbourne and Sydney.

Cordner sat out the Roosters game in Adelaide Friday past with a number of injuries. He has until July 11 to get them all sorted, but it would seem the only thing on which he might miss out is the opportunity to tell his grandkids that he held the captaincy during a whitewash of Queensland.

He has until the day of the game to prove his fitness, but should he be ruled out, Tariq Sims, who has been waiting seven years to make his Origin debut, coming onto the bench.

He would shift to his left-edge role, permitting Ryan James to come in as middle forward.

Cordner is slated to undergo a medical exam. One of his most pressing issues, aside from things affecting his running gear, is heavy concussion during the final minutes of Origin II. His calf is another matter.

“Early on in the game (Origin II) I felt it wasn’t 100 per cent but it was good enough to get through the game with adrenaline and everything,” Cordner said. “I’ve had a bit of time now since then, obviously I wouldn’t have the played the (Roosters round 16) game in Adelaide from the head knock anyway,” he said with regard to the traveling show in Adelaide featuring the Roosters v Melbourne.

Sims would like to get the start, as he has been selected before only to see himself relegated to the margins.

“To hear my name getting read out in the bench spot was pretty surreal, so very, very happy, actually can’t wait to tell my family that I’m 100 percent playing now,” Sims said. “One of the hardest things is to get yourself physically and mentally ready for a game and then to warm up and then get told to hit the showers and get changed and sit back and watch the boys where you sort of just want to be out there and helping them.”


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