Incumbent Tony Smith is expected to keep his job as speaker according to the odds with online bookmaker

· Cathy McGowan and Bob Katter not among the favourites for Speaker role

· Incumbent Tony Smith the $2.50 favourite

· Former PM Tony Abbott considered a $7.50 chance

Smith is the $2.50 favourite to stay in the role in the new parliament but crossbenchers Bob Katter and Cathy McGowan are only considered $16 chances.

Tony Abbott is second favourite at $7.50 alongside Russell Broadbent and Kevin Andrews, however Mr Abbott may be aiming much higher than the Speaker role.

If Labor was to get elected, Rob Mitchell’s price of $16 would certainly firm dramatically.

The Greens’ Adam Bandt and NXT’s Rebekha Sharkie are $34 outsiders.

“Assuming the Coalition is in power, we’re expecting the government to stick with Tony Smith rather than doing a deal with one of the crossbenchers,” said’s Christian Jantzen.

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Next House of Reps Speaker
$2.50 Tony Smith
$7.50 Tony Abbott
$7.50 Russell Broadbent
$7.50 Kevin Andrews
$16 Rob Mitchell
$16 Cathy McGowan
$16 Bob Katter
$16 Andrew Wilkie
$21 Warren Entsch
$21 Stuart Robert
$21 Warren Snowdon
$34 Sarah Henderson
$34 Greg Hunt
$34 Adam Bandt
$34 Rebekha Sharkie
$34 Wayne Swan
$34 Brendan O’Connor
$51 Peter Dutton
$51 Christopher Pyne
$51 Kate Ellis
$51 Catherine King


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