Donald Trump was at odds of $201 back in 2012 when Hillary Clinton was the $8.00 favourite. As we approach election day, Trump is the $4.50 outsider with Clinton paying $1.22.

Clinton has now attracted over $3 million in punter support with Trump passing $2 million.

It’s definitely seemed like the longest and at times most hateful Presidential election in living memory but tomorrow American’s will end the Trump vs Clinton story when they go to the polls.

And what a story it’s been for Donald Trump. If he does beat the odds (he’s currently $4.50 with and become the 45th US President, it will be one of the most unlikeliest stories ever told.

Four years ago when Sportsbet opened their market, right after Obama had been re-elected, Hillary Clinton topped the market at odds of $8.00 with many other reputable politicians filling down after her to the end of the market, anchored by Donald Trump at odds of $201, a no hoper in other words.

Fast forward to today and the Trump has come within a whisker and could even still win the election, even being as short as $2.70 to win at one time.

For Hillary, she’s always held the favouritism tag. In those four years she has mostly shortened and by all accounts will be elected at her current odds of $1.22.

The largest odds she’s ever been was her opening odds in that November of 2012 at $8.00 and now, with Aussies placing over $3 million dollars on the former First Lady, you can’t really back against her.

“Credit where it’s due, Trump has been written off, not least in the betting, so many times and has come back time and time again,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

“Clinton has been a steady ship and her odds may have deviated up and down but she’s been the favourite since 2012 and the odds are very much in her favour that she’ll become the first female President of the United States.”


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