Donald Trump has yet to take office but already his Presidency is being showered with controversy following explosive claims of his trips to Russian hotels for some golden moments.

• Donald Trump is quoted at odds of $5.00 to be impeached.

• The President-elect is $1.40 to not serve a second term.

• TMZ are favoured to be the first to broadcast footage of the claimed #GoldenShowers.

Online bookmaker has priced Trump at odds of $5.00 to be impeached during his first term with $1.15 on offer he’ll last the four years scandal free.

Should he make it to 2020 still in the oval office, Trump is once again facing an uphill battle with Sportsbet quoting him at odds of $2.75 to win a second term and $1.40 not to.

Meanwhile, the #GoldenShowers footage is a $3.00 favourite to be broadcast first by TMZ with Trump’s media nemesis CNN a $5.00 chance.

“We knew he had a fondness for gold but this is taking the piss. The odds suggest Trump is set for an early shower, either by impeachment or defeat in 2020,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

Markets courtesy of
Will Donald Trump be Impeached in his first term?
$1.15 No
$5.00 Yes

Will Trump Serve a second term as President?
$1.40 No
$2.75 Yes

First News Source to release footage of #GoldenShowers
$3.00 TMZ
$5.00 CNN
$6.00 E! Online
$7.00 Daily Mail
$7.50 Redtube
$7.50 World Star Hip Hip
$11 The Guardian
$11 Telegraph UK
$16 Huffington Post
$21 BBC
$26 Ninemsn
$34 Today Show
$41 Sunrise
$51 Today Tonight
$51 The Project
$51 A Current Affair


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