Game 4 NBA – Warriors @ Thunder

We are finally starting to see the value of home court in the playoffs. Only 1 of the 7 games in the Conference Finals have been won by the road team and Golden State is not one of them.

After what can only be described as a disappointing 28 point loss the Warriors look to bounce back. Luckily for them, Draymond Green will be available despite the general consensus that he would be suspended for at least one game for the kick out on Steven Adams.

One thing is for certain – the Warriors bigs better so up otherwise they will be heading home down 3-1. Bogut, Green and Ezeli combined for just 10 rebounds, less than Kanter’s 12 in just 18 minutes. The Thunder shot 50% from the floor as Durant and Westbrook had a field day attacking the rim. They were also helped by the fact that the role players made the open shots with Roberson and Ibaka shooting a combined 5 for 10 from beyond the arc. That was far better than the combined 5 of 19 from the Splash Brothers.

Moving onto Game 4 how can the Warriors negate the clear physical edge that the Thunder have. For starters they have to go back to playing Warriors basketball and that means ball movement leading to clear open shots in comparison to the rushed 3’s they have been taking. They also have to do a much better job in containing rather than fouling. OKC had 37 free throw attempts and you simply cannot afford to send the leagues best free throw shooting team to the line. Read More…


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