Sportsbet are offering odds of $1.35 the Nintendo Switch will be the top selling console of 2017. The Switch is a $2.00 chance to sell out within its first week of going on sale.

The first en masse recall is tipped to be because of the consoles battery.

Nintendo have put all their Yoshi eggs into the one basket with the new Nintendo Switch release, hoping to take back the throne they once ruled upon.

After some positive early reviews, the good news for the Japanese giant is that the odds are very much in their favour of finding success after the poor Wii U.

According to online bookmaker, the Switch is $1.35 to be the best selling console of 2017 ($3.00 not to be) and a good chance that the console will sell out within its first week ($2.00).

Not many hi-tech products launch to market nowadays without a few fails and Sportsbet is tipping the battery to be the first major issue to arise en masse with players at odds of $3.00.

You can have a crack at odds of $4.00 on the screen suffering problems while the docking station is a $5.00 chance to crumble.

In terms of the Switch joining the Nintendo legacy, you can get odds of $1.40 to outsell its predecessor the Wii U, $1.87 for the N64, $5.00 for the SNES, $11 for the NES, $16 for both the Wii and Gameboy and finally $21 for the DS.

“It’s an impressive addition to modern day gaming and the odds are very much in favour that players will make the switch back to Nintendo,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

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Will the Nintendo Switch be the top selling console of 2017?
$1.35 Yes
$3.00 No

Will it sell out in the first week?
$1.75 No
$2.00 Yes

What part will break en masse first?
$3.00 Battery
$4.00 Screen
$5.00 Home Console dock
$7.50 Joy Sticks
$7.50 Joy-Con grip connection
$11 Pro Controller
$16 a/x/y/b buttons

Nintendo Switch Futures
$1.40 To outsell the Wii U
$1.87 To outsell the N64
$5.00 To outsell Super Nintendo Entertainment System
$11 To outsell Nintendo Entertainment System
$16 To outsell Wii
$16 To outsell Gameboy
$21 To outsell Nintendo DS
$26 To sell more than the Playstation 2 (highest selling game console ever)
$67 To be recalled because they spontaneously combust


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