Loch Ness monster lurks in the betting at odds of $21. Game of Thrones dragon’s ruled out alongside Godzilla.

Sperm Whale is the most likely answer at $3.00.

There’s something fishy going on in the famous Thames River in London with a recent video surfacing of a monster-like mysterious mythical creature-like something frolicking in like its waterway.

Anyway, online bookmaker has dived into the discussion by providing their expertise on what the likelihood is of the identity of the critter.

Surprisingly, local UK legend Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, is considered an outsider at odds of $21 while Godzilla is on monstrous odds of $501!

Game of Thrones returns to our screens next week but are expected to have their dragons accounted for – Drogon, Rhaegal & Viserion all at odds of $5,001 to be the unknown entity.

Somewhat boringly, a whale is the most likely beast, sperm paying $3.00, a bottlenose at $4.00 and a humpback at $5.00.

“There’s definitely something fishy going on here and we’re not ruling out Nessie taking a well-deserved holiday to see the lights of London,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

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What is the mysterious creature in the Thames River?
$3.00 Sperm whale
$4.00 Bottlenose Whale
$5.00 Humpback Whale
$6.00 Submarine
$7.50 Orca
$8.00 Dolphin
$21 Loch Ness
$101 Jaws
$501 Three-Eyed Fish
$501 The Kraken
$501 Moby Dick
$501 Godzilla
$501 Willy from Free Willy
$1001 Spongebob Squarepants
$1001 Clive Palmer
$5001 Drogon
$5001 Rhaegal
$5001 Viserion


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