Sydney is simmering through a sweltering heat today with more intense temperatures on the horizon for Friday.

• Sportsbet are offering odds of $5,001 for the Sydney Harbour Bridge to melt!

• Sydney is tipped to be hotter than Singapore and Abu Dhabi on Friday.

• Zooper Doopers are an $11 chance to completely sell out.

Online bookmaker is offering odds on the wider effects of the uncomfortable conditions with some interesting options if you fancy a flutter!

The bookie is quoting $5,001 that the Sydney Harbour Bridge will begin to melt and similar odds for the Archibald Fountain to boil over!

With transport systems expected to struggle with the heat, there’s $7.00 on offer for either the buses, trains or ferries to come to a standstill due to overheating.

Mike Baird declaring Friday a public holiday is rated a $11 shot while Waverley Council allowing swimmers to take a dip in Bondi in just their birthday suits is paying $21.

Sydney is the $1.35 favourite to be hotter than traditional hotspots Jakarta ($11), Singapore ($11) and Adu Dhabi ($16) on Friday.

“We’re all struggling with the heat with the frozen aisle in Coles or Woolies really the place to be right now. Hopefully punters can make a dollar or two off some of our markets to ease their way through it,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

Markets courtesy of
Friday Sydney Heatwave Futures
$5.00 Hottest Sydney CBD temp to be broken (45.8)
$7.00 Sydney Trains to breakdown due to overheating
$7.00 Sydney Buses to stop due to overheating
$7.00 Ferries to stop due to overheating
$11 Zooper Doopers to completely sell out in Sydney
$11 People to be broadcast on tv frying eggs on their car bonnets
$11 Premier to declare it a public holiday
$21 Manly Council to declare Manly Beach full and turn away beach-goers
$101 Waverley Council to allow people to bathe naked at Bondi
$5,001 Sydney Harbour Bridge to melt
$5,001 Boy Charlton Pool to evaporate
$5,001 Archibald Fountain to boil

Hottest City Friday 13 January
$1.35 Sydney
$7.50 Darwin
$7.50 Port Moresby
$11 Jakarta
$11 Singapore
$16 Mumbai
$16 Abu Dhabi
$21 Bangkok
$26 Rio De Janeiro
$26 Mexico City
$26 Timbuktu
$26 Cairo

Highest Temperature – Sydney Metropolitan Region
$7.00 Under 39
$5.00 39 – 40.99
$2.50 41 – 42.99
$4.00 43 – 44.99
$5.00 45 or higher


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