It will be a hungry Jeff Horn who takes the ring at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on June 9 (June 10 Oz).

Horn had extra time to fill when his opponent for the upcoming boxing match, Terence Crawford, claimed a sparring injury that necessitated the original date being moved back.

Horn should certainly be fit, and the hunger of which we spoke is not of the sort that desires a victory, although Horn certainly possesses that as well, but of the appetite sort, as his training regimen diet is rather limited to foods that will promote his best effort in the ring.

He has been subsisting on fruit smoothies, eggs, baked beans and chicken wraps.

So when Horn was asked by reporters what he is looking forward to following the fight with Crawford, he replied simply, “Food.”

He seems to share an addcition similar to most, well, some of us, who rely on smoothies, eggs, etcetera to power our writing endeavours.

Horn wants to eat chocolate, one of the four, make that three of the four, primary food groups.

The test with Crawford will earn Horn the right to eat whatever he so desires. This is not an aging legislator from the Philippine legislature lured out for a big payday.

Crawford is undefeated and not afraid to mention that anywhere from time to time to incessantly.

“They’re (Crawford et al.) trying to make me feel nervous and to doubt myself, but I haven’t done that for a second,” Horn tells mentioning all the trash talk to which he has been subjected by Crawford and his entourage.

“I’m not scared of this guy. You have to be confident in boxing, if you go in there thinking you’re going to lose then that’s exactly what will happen.”

Horn could use a bit of work on his quotes and we are prepared to offer him a lifetime supply of his chocolates of choice, Carmello, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and any flavour of Ben and Jerry’s he would care to select, provided he not pick a retired flavour, in exchange for something juicier in the line of commentary.


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