Betfair Offer Better Odds Than Traditional Bookies

Chapter 8. In Play Betting At Betfair

Unpredictability of a sport the punter rarely expects of the outcome that are truly unbelievable. These are the moments on Betfair, where the odds fluctuate widely and punters experience incredible wins unexpectedly. Over the years, Betfair has experienced such wins i.e.

• Eight mad minutes of Australia’s opening match of the 2006 world cup in Germany was memorable for Socceroos’ fans and Betfair punters.

• Come back Kings was the most incredible comeback in cricket history after Australians beat South Africa’s to score a world record 4-434 in a one day international at Johannesburg.

• Back from dead in the 2005 champions league final between Liverpool and AC Milan appeared to be all but over at half time after the Italians were ahead by 3-0 lead. Odds of $100 were available on Betfair on the match being drawn at full time and a few confident punters snapped them up. Remarkably Liverpool hit back with three second half goals to tie the game at 3-3 after 90 minutes before winning on post match penalties.

In-play betting via Telephone betting

Betting online is governed by the Australian laws, therefore according to the Australian law; in-play betting can be conducted on racing online but cannot be conducted online on sports. In-play betting on sport can be conducted over the telephone and it can be cancelled online.

In addition, you cannot update the bet online and as well change odds or stakes size. You can only cancel the bet. In all sports, market there is a minimum delay of five seconds for in-play betting which allow punters to cancel unmatched orders on the system when there is a change in market conditions.

The delay benefits the customers when backing and laying, where the operator will inform the punter to allow five seconds for bet processing due to the game in-playing. The operator will then confirm the status of the bet to the punter.

Chapter 9. Meaning Of The Terms Used

Online bets from bookmakers Mobile Betting is Here!

Mobile betting has arrived in a big way. All the major bookmakers support mobile betting through your mobile device and so do we !