Betfair Offer Better Odds Than Traditional Bookies

Chapter 1. Introduction To Betfair

Betfair is the leading online betting exchange company that has revolutionised the betting industry with millions of registered customers around the world. Join Betfair Today.

It is an online marketing place that brings together different punters where they bet at odds set by other punters rather than a bookmaker or the tote. This means the odds on offer are often much higher than the traditional once as the punters can back or lay on outcomes of the events and they do to this against other punters.

Below is the first Betfair sports page that appears saturated with information, but it is easy to go through carefully:

Betfair Homepage

Betfairs' home page


Key Areas On The Home Page.

I. Search Markets
Enter the name or event you are interested in and you will get all the available markets will appear easily to get into your bet quickly.

II. All Markets or sports
Below the search markets there is a menu that has every Betfair market. The punter will click on the specific or interested market but you can go through all the Betfair markets before deciding on one. There is also fast links that appear in the middle of the homepage for the most popular and relevant markets e.g. rugby tournaments, football league i.e. Champions league and horse racing markets that gives you a direct link to the market.

III. Community and Help centre
It’s a segment that gives the punter a chance to chat to your fellow online Betfair punters regarding to their experience and other great information regarding betting. The site is most important to the new punters who interact, research and get an overview of what is happening and also check on various outcomes regarding to the history of early bets made in the market. Help centre is available and accessible anytime.

IV. My Account
It contains all the personal information of the punter which is personalized to each individual. Betting history and funding methods are also available here. The accounts are unique from fellow punters accounts for security and privacy purposes.

V. Login
On the top right you will enter your account details; your username and password to access your account which will be used often to log into your unique account whenever you want to online to bet. They are the same details which the punter used to sign up in creating the online Betfair betting account. Once logged in and funded your account, you can start betting.

VI. Popular links/ Recently visited markets
If you are a regular punter, defiantly you will see a list recently visited markets from the most latest and another list of the popular markets for quick and easy link. This is slightly below the log in link.

VII. In-Play Today
The day’s markets will be listed for you to make a bet on in-running or during the actual event. The punter clicks on the interested link market and you can bet in-running and in-play on sports over the phone by calling 132 238

VIII. Coming Up
This is on the bottom right that highlights all markets which are closing or being turned in-play.

Chapter 2. Opening An Account

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