Katter’s Australian Party MP, Shane Knuth has had his seat scrapped and could move to One Nation.

Online bookmaker has priced Knuth at $3.00 to defect to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

Knuth’s seat of Dalrymple was one of the casualties in the sweeping changes made to Queensland’s electoral boundaries.

KAP is $7.00 to de-register from the ECQ and $11 to merge with One Nation, by 2018.

Also affected by the changes is Labor’s Kate Jones and Steven Miles, along with the LNP’s Scott Emerson.

In pre-selection Jones is $1.15 for Cooper and $5.00 for Maiwar, while Emerson is $1.15 for Maiwar.

Knuth is $1.87 to contest Hill, $4.00 for Traegar and $3.00 any other electorate.

September, this year, is the $3.00 favourite option for the next Queensland election.

“It’s a massive shake-up for Queensland politics and Pauline Hanson could be the big winner out of the redistribution. One thing it does confirm is that an election is likely to be sooner, rather than later,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

Markets courtesy of
Where will Shane Knuth contest the next election?
$1.87 Hill
$4.00 Traeger
$3.00 Any other

Where will Kate Jones pre-select?
$1.15 Cooper
$5.00 Maiwar

Where will Scott Emerson pre-select?
$1.15 Maiwar
$5.00 Cooper

Maiwar Electorate
$1.35 LNP (Scott Emerson)
$3.00 ALP (Steve Millman)
$34 Greens

KAP QLD Futures
$3.00 Shane Knuth to defect to One Nation before next state election
$7.00 KAP to de-register from the QLDEC by 2018
$11 KAP QLD to merge with One Nation by 2018

Month of Next QLD Election
$21 Before July 2017
$16 July 2017
$7.50 August 2017
$3.00 September 2017
$4.00 October 2017
$7.50 November 2017
$21 December 2017
$7.50 January 2018
$5.00 February 2018
$11 March 2018
$21 April 2018


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