She’s already signed up to be his future wife but could Mariah replace James Packer’s PA Jacquie Murray?

Not likely according to online bookmaker who have the Diva in the PA race at $501.

Blackmores CEO EA Simone Koolloos leads the serious end of the market at $6.00 – ahead of Westpac EA Candice Ward on $7.00.

While there could be more street fighting on the horizon if Packer were to try make a move for Chantal Hughes – PA to David Gyngell.

One person who is definitely looking for work, but definitely not in demand, is Peta Credlin – hence her odds of $101.

The Apple iPhone helper Siri is the $1,001 outsider to be given the permanent role!

“Now James is marrying Mariah Scary we’re pretty sure the list of job specs will contain things like…must have the ability to source butterflies, puppies and pink lilies on a whim,” said’s Will Byrne.

Market courtesy of
James Packer’s Next PA
$6.00 Simone Koolloos
$7.00 Candice Ward
$7.50 Tanya Godfrey
$8.00 Chantal Hughes
$9.00 Alyce Garnett
$11 Sally Anderson
$11 Kelly Wilson
$12 Denise Keen
$13 Deb Mercer
$16 Nic Russ
$16 Catherine Ormes
$101 Peta Credlin
$251 Jesinta Campbell
$251 Monika Radulovic
$501 Miranda Kerr
$501 Jodhi Meares
$501 David Gyngell
$501 Nick Cannon
$501 Mariah Carey
$501 Jennifer Hawkins
$501 Megan Gale
$501 Erica Baxter
$501 Jennifer Flavin
$501 Kate Fisher
$1,001 Siri


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