The bored world of the politically correct has turned on The Simpsons and their alleged stereotyping of Apu and his Kwik-E-Mart laboring.

There’s chatter the much loved character could find a new source of income or even meet his maker and naturally Sportsbet has betting on it.

Apu is $1.22 to get a new job in season 30 and $4.00 to remain behind the counter while he’s $2.70 to be killed off and $1.36 to survive.

His job options range from a computer scientist ($4.33) to working at the Springfield Power Plant ($9.50) – becoming a Taxi or Uber driver is a $151 outsider.

If it is to be the end of Mr. Nahasapeemapetilon, taken by a freak accident pays $1.92, dying of natural causes a $3.00 shot while murder pays $4.00.

“Poor Apu, he does need his kwik-e-mart but the naysayers demand he checks out and we’re tipping they’ll get their way but hopefully it’s a new job and not the axe,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

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Will Apu get a new job in season 30?
$1.22 Yes
$4.00 No

Will Apu be killed off in season 30?
$1.36 No
$2.70 Yes

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Next Job
$4.33 Computer Scientist
$6.50 Stay At Home Dad
$8.00 Mayor
$9.50 Work At Power Plant
$10 Fireman
$12 Lawyer
$12 Actor
$13 Policeman
$13 Teacher
$15 Sprawl-Mart Ceo
$17 Doctor
$18 Call Center Operator
$23 Singer
$26 Bin Man
$34 Janitor
$36 Motor Mechanic
$51 Judge
$61 Professional Cricketer
$61 Hairdresser
$151 Taxi/Uber Driver
$276 Bongo Musician

How will Apu be killed off in season 30?
$1.92 Freak Accident
$3.00 Die of Natural Causes
$4.00 Murder/Foul Play


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