Mooove over Bert Newton and Co. as there’s a new Aussie icon taking the spotlight!

A young Bull calf from Yougawalla Station in the Kimberley is the talk of the town due to being born with a lovable Australian marking.

A calf bred in the Kimberley in Western Australia might be spared from the sale yards, and dinner plate, because of a uniquely Australian marking

Online bookmaker is even taking bets on the patriotic arrival with $21 on offer for the PM Malcolm Turnbull to step in to prevent him ending up in a butcher’s freezer.

With Tasmania scandalously missing from his skin artwork, getting a tattoo of the Apple Isle is a $101 shot while replacing the Cash Cow on Sunrise is offered at odds of $501 alongside being named our next Australian of the Year!

There are also wagers available for his chosen name – with Ozzy the best pick at $5.00, while McDonald’s ($5.00) unfortunately leads the cattle call ahead of Hungry Jack’s ($6.00) to be his final destination.

“It would be an udder disgrace if the calf ended up in a Big Mac so hopefully the PM will step in and turn this bull around, he could probably milk the publicity from it too,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

Markets courtesy of
Patriot Calf Specials
$21 Prime Minister to intervene in the calf being sent to the abattoir
$101 To have a shape of Tasmania Tattooed on
$251 To replace the Cash Cow on Sunrise
$501 To enter the Melbourne Cup
$501 To win Australian of the year
$501 To be immortalised in a statue outside Parliament House

What will the Calf be called
$5.00 Ozzy
$6.00 Bruce
$7.50 Gary
$7.50 Roger
$9.00 Bazza
$16 Plugger
$21 True Blue
$21 Griller
$26 G’day
$34 Chopper
$51 T-Bone
$51 Barbie
$101 Sunday Roast

What restaurant will the Calf end up in?
$5.00 McDonald’s
$6.00 Hungry Jack’s
$7.50 Grill’d
$7.50 Mary’s
$11 Carl’s Jr
$21 Subway
$51 Clive Palmer’s Kitchen
$101 Living Legends
$101 Any Kitchen in My Kitchen Rules


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