Betfair Offer Better Odds Than Traditional Bookies

Chapter 2. Opening An Account With Betfair

This is easy and quick as it needs your account details and with a deposit you will verify your details and start betting. Join Betfair Today.

Below is a simplified guide on opening and activating your account;

1. Getting started
Go to and click on open account which is at the top left of the first page.

2. Fill in your details
A new window will open and only your personal details are needed to fill like name, address and valid email. They include choosing your log in details and security questions to answer to enhance security to your account. You will choose your username and password for your Betfair account which you will be using subsequently in accessing your account.

3. Open your account and activating your account
On completing filling your details, you will agree to terms and conditions and privacy policy of Betfair online betting, you will click on open an account at the bottom of the page. You can also have it on your cell phone or tablet for telephone betting by calling 132 BET (132 238). A new screen will appear prompting you that your application has been successful and your account is now active. You will click continue at the bottom of the page to get to the next step.

4. Funding your Betfair account
Funding is necessary when you want to start betting. You will credit your account using the accepted payment methods by Betfair which are available in their website. When logged in your account you can go to deposit funds into Betfair or alternatively by going to Deposits can be made through direct bank transfer to Betfair NAB account, by Bpay, By Poll or by Credit Card being aware of the 1.5% fee charged for all credit card deposits. You will select the mode of payment and fill your relevant details especially if you are paying by Credit Card you will provide the correct card details and give your login password. A minimum of $30 should be deposited and finally click next at the bottom of the page.

5. Confirm your details
On the new screen you will be asked to confirm your card details and amount of money you wish to deposit to verify your transactions and click next at the bottom of the page. Your account will be created and you will automatically return to Betfair homepage to start betting as you are still logged in your account.

Chapter 3. Backing A Selection At Betfair

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