We adapted the iconic quote of the mysterious voice, which sounded suspiciously like the voice of American actor Morgan Freeman, when that voice told Kevin Costner, “If you build it, he will come,” in the classic movie Field of Dreams.

All we did, actually, was to change it from the singular “he” to the plural “they” so that we might use the quote to inform that the shiny, new Optus Stadium in Perth will be the site of the Wallabies’ first Bledisloe Cup clash with the All Blacks on Saturday, August 10 of 2019.

Checking our calendar, we have nothing on that date and they could play the match next week and we would be available, but still, the time to plan in advance is much appreciated.

It will be the first time the two sides will play in Perth, which only goes to demonstrate that the $1.6 billion spent to build Optus was money well spent.

The stadium holds 60,000 and at $6.50 for a hot dog, the vendors need sell only 246,153,846 to cover the cost of building Optus. Assuming no free dogs to the voracious journos and other freeloaders, each of the 60,000 in attendance will have to buy only 4102 hot dogs.

Six-and-a-half dollars is a bargain compared to the $7 necessary to get the same thing at the Adelaide Oval and at $4, Optus Stadium represents a true bargain for a bottle of water.

This all assumes no boost in prices for the privilege of seeing an event of Bledisloe Cup magnitude.

Could this be the year that the Wallabies wrest control of the Bledisloe Cup away from the selfish All Blacks?

It has been 16 years currently and will be 17 years since the Aussies last hoisted the Cup in 2002 when the game kicks off.

In 2002 dollars, today’s $6.50 hot dog would have cost about $3.90. Call it $4 even.

At any rate, if you plan on going, take plenty of cash or a credit card with liberal limits. Be hungry as well.


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