Picturesque castle in City Beach tipped to break local selling price record. Enchanting home is likely to sell for over $7.5 million.

Gina Rinehart is the favourite to purchase the property.

An idealistic home in Perth’s City Beach is being tipped by online bookmaker to break all previous sales for the area.

64 Branksome Gardens is more suited to a Disney fairytale and is priced at odds of $1.20 to break the previous record sale of $7.2 million dollars.

The actual selling price is tipped to be between $7.5 and $7.75 million by Sportsbet at odds of $3.00.

You need to have some pretty large pockets to pick up a property like this which is why it’s no surprise to see Gina Rinehart as the $4.00 favourite.

“Traditionally fairytales have happy endings and it would be a dream come true for the owners to break the previous selling record and we’re tipping there’s no doubt it will,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

Markets courtesy of
Perth Castle – Sale Price
$7.00 Under $7 million
$7.50 $7 – $7.24 million
$4.00 $7.25 – $7.49 million
$3.00 $7.5 – $7.74 million
$4.00 $7.75 – $7.99 million
$7.00 $8 million or more

Will it break the sales record for City Beach? ($7.2 million)
$1.20 Yes
$4.00 No

Who will buy it?
$4.00 Gina Rinehart
$5.00 Andrew Forrest
$6.00 James Packer
$11 Daniel Ricciardo
$11 Rick Ardon
$16 Matt Priddis
$16 Nathan Fyfe
$21 Colin Barnett
$21 Dennis Cometti
$21 Ross Lyon
$21 Tim McMillan
$34 Basil Zempilas
$34 Adam Voges
$34 Jessica Gomes
$34 Adam Papalia
$34 Garth Tander
$51 Scott Ludlam
$51 Matthew Pavlich
$101 Richie Strahan
$101 John Butler Trio


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