Sportsbet cut the odds for Colin Barnett to depart into $1.73 favourite following strong punter support. Barnett surviving until the state election out from $1.87 to $2.00.

Liza Harvey leads the race to replace him before polling day.
Online bookmaker has made Colin Barnett NOT being Premier at the state election the favoured option following continual punter support.
A huge 75% of total money wagered on the market so far has backed Barnett to depart before the state election from $1.87 into $1.73.
Barnett surviving until polling day has been eased from $1.87 out to $2.00 as the sharks in his party circle for blood.
Liza Harvey has been backed into $3.50 from $4.50 to be leader at the election and is the best backed option with 50% of wagers.
Dean Nadler ($5.00) has only received 7% of the support while Joe Francis ($7.50) fares slightly better with 12% – Barnett, the $2.00 favourite, holds 30%.
Disrupters Tony Simpson and Helen Morton have been added into the market, both at odds of $21, but are yet to receive a single bet.
“There’s been some unrest with Barnett for a while and our punters can smell blood. They’re adamant there’s a change on its way and he could be in the firing line,’’ said’s Will Byrne.
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Will Colin Barnett be WA Premier at the state election?
$1.73 No (in from $1.87)
$2.00 Yes (out from $1.87)

WA Premier at next state election
$2.00 Colin Barnett (out from $1.87)
$3.50 Liza Harvey (in from $4.50)
$5.00 Dean Nalder (out from $3.00)
$7.50 Joe Francis (out from $6.00)
$21 Kim Hames
$21 Tony Simpson
$21 Mike Nahan
$21 Helen Morton
$26 Bill Marmion
$26 John Day
$26 Peter Collier
$26 Terry Redman
$51 Brendon Grylls
$101 Troy Buswell


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