73% of wagers with Sportsbet are tipping same sex marriage to become legal this year.

Odds of a plebiscite taking place in 2016 plunge from $3.00 into $1.60.

Toss of a coin odds on offer for the sex of the first marriage – Sydney leads the betting for location.

It may be the most drawn out process in recent memory but finally the country looks set to decide on whether to make same sex marriage legal in Australia.

Online bookmaker has significantly reduced the chances of a plebiscite taking place in 2016 from $3.00 into $1.60 following comments made by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Passing into law is still expected to take some time however, 2017 the bookies favourite at odds of $2.25 with this year offered at $2.75.

Punters are in full support of same sex marriage becoming legal in 2016, a massive 73% of wagers predicting it will.

Sportsbet are also offering odds on the first same sex ceremony, both Man/Man and Woman/Woman offered at $1.87 while Sydney is tipped to be the first city at $3.00.

“Punters certainly seem confident that same sex marriage is going to happen sooner rather than later and they’ve been quite vocal with their wallets on the matter,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

Markets courtesy of
Year of Plebiscite?
$1.60 2016
$4.00 2017
$7.50 2018
$7.00 2019 or later

When will SSM become legal?
$2.75 2016
$2.25 2017
$5.00 2018
$11 2019
$9.00 2020 or later

What will the first marriage be?
$1.87 Male-Male
$1.87 Female-Female

Which city will host the first same-sex marriage?
$3.00 Sydney
$4.00 Melbourne
$5.00 Brisbane
$6.00 Canberra
$8.00 Adelaide
$9.00 Perth
$11 Hobart
$11 Darwin

Venue of first SSM
$2.50 Any Function hall
$5.00 Countryside manor
$7.50 Beachside Resort
$7.50 Vineyard
$11 Cruise ship
$21 Opera House
$51 A Church
$51 Any Parliament House


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