Sportsbet offered wacky odds on Adele’s tour with several of the predictions coming true.

Arriving late (Sydney traffic), a power outage (Adelaide) and the f-bomb count (everywhere) have all won!

The bookie is taking a more cautious approach before her Melbourne dates.

Adele is concluding her successful tour of Australia in Melbourne this weekend but it’s not been such a successful occasion for one local bookmaker.

Sportsbet had offered some wacky wagers prior to Adele’s arrival, that have all clicked, to leave the bookie rolling in the deep.

Some of the bets included:

Adele to drop the F-bomb 5 or more times at $3.50…she’s sworn more than a drunken Irishman all over the country!

Adele to be late to her concert at $7.00…Sydney’s shambolic traffic seen to this leaving fans massively delayed.

Adele to suffer a major power outage at $11…her band got too carried away in Adele-aide and cut the power.

Learning from that lesson (or maybe not) the bookie has again opened betting for the Melbourne shows and are offering $2.00 for a late arrival, $5.00 for a power outage and $11 for over 10 F-bombs!

“Hello, it’s not like the skyfall-ing down on us so we won’t set fire to the rain over it as it’s water under the bridge,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

Bonus Bets

Markets courtesy of
Number of times Adele drops the F-bomb
$4.00 Zero
$6.00 1 – 2
$3.00 3 – 4
$4.00 5 – 6
$7.50 7 – 8
$9.00 9 – 10
$11 More than 10

Adele Futures
$2.00 Adele to arrive late to the concert
$4.00 Adele to do a secret gig in Melbourne
$5.00 A power outage to occur during the concert
$7.50 Adele to have her morning coffee on Degraves st
$101 Adele to crowd surf


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