Donald Trump is a $4.00 chance to throw Meryl Streep first into the slammer. Alec Baldwin is the $3.00 favourite thanks to his Saturday Night Live piss takes.

Nick Kyrgios is $101 after wearing a F&^# TRUMP shirt.

Donald Trump is not a happy man following Meryl Steep’s high profiled take down of the President-elect at the Golden Globes.

Online bookmaker has opened betting on who the orange faced twitter twat will first throw in jail once he takes office, with Meryl a $4.00 chance for a streep-search.

Luckily for both her, Alec Baldwin is the one getting under the tycoon’s skin most and heads the market at odds of $3.00 after several jibes thrown courtesy of his Saturday Night Live sketch.

Following through with his threat pre-election to chain her up, ‘crooked’ Hillary Clinton follows in the market at odds of $6.00.

Even Nick Kyrgios is irked at not having the biggest ego on the planet anymore and has served up his own spay wearing a F&*# TRUMP shirt but is rated an unlikely $101 for the jumpsuit.

“Meryl is brave to make such a public statement on Trump but the betting suggests Trump will be having the last laugh on Alec Baldwin,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

Market courtesy of
First person Trump puts in jail?
$3.00 Alec Baldwin
$4.00 Meryl Streep
$6.00 Hillary Clinton
$8.00 Barack Obama
$9.00 John Oliver
$11 Bill Clinton
$11 Rosie O’Donnell
$12 Amy Schumer
$14 Beyoncé
$16 Stephen Hawking
$16 Hugh Laurie
$16 Robert De Niro
$17 John Legend
$21 Michelle Obama
$21 Lee Daniels
$21 Arnold Schwarzenegger
$26 Bryan Cranston
$26 Cher
$26 Miley Cyrus
$26 Richard Gere
$34 Mark Ruffalo
$34 Jack Black
$34 Ben Stiller
$34 Johnny Depp
$51 George Clooney
$51 Jennifer Lawrence
$101 Nick Kyrgios
$101 Vladimir Putin


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