Sophie and Stu $1.22 to attend Melbourne Cup together. A streaker during the race is a $4.33 chance.
Running out of beer listed at $41.

Online bookmaker has opened its range of novelty markets on the Melbourne Cup, and by the look of the odds, Sophie and Stu will be hand in hand at Flemington. $1.22 is on offer for the Bachelorette couple to appear together, or $3.60 for Sophie not to be there with her new man.

Let’s hope there’s no microphone malfunction during the National Anthem ($11), or heaven forbid, the racecourse runs out of beer ($41).

The battle for most Instagram likes looks like a race in two between Paris Jackson ($1.67) and Shanina Shaik ($2.70).

“Hopefully Stu won’t be the streaker, however odds of $4.33 are on offer for anyone at the track to do a nudie run during the race itself. Better pack the binoculars,” said’s Christian Jantzen.

Markets courtesy of
Melbourne Cup Novelties
$1.22 Sophie Monk to attend with Stu Laundy
$3.60 Sophie Monk not to attend with Stu Laundy
$4.33 Streaker to run on the track during race
$4.33 The Birdcage to run out of champagne
$6.00 Barrier failing to open for any horse
$6.50 Second verse of National Anthem to be sung
$11 Microphone malfunction during Anthem
$34 Flemington racecourse to run out of champagne
$34 Public transport to stop between 3 and 3.30pm on Cup Day
$34 Channel 7 to not broadcast the Melbourne Cup
$41 Flemington racecourse to run out of beer

Bachelorette contestant with the most Instagram likes on Cup Day
$2.10 Apollo Jackson
$2.70 Stu Laundy
$3.10 James Trethewie
$23 Jarrod Woodgate

@SophieMonk Instagram
$1.83 Under 41,000
$1.83 Over 41,000

Best Dressed Celebrity – Most Insta Likes
$1.67 Paris Jackson
$2.70 Shanina Shaik
$10 Francesca Cumani
$10 Jennifer Hawkins
$17 Sophie Monk
$13 Megan Gale
$19 Rebecca Judd
$8.00 Nicole Kidman
$11 Kylie Minogue

Worst Dressed Celebrities – Least Instagram Likes
$2.70 Rebecca Judd
$8.00 Francesca Cumani
$8.00 Jennifer Hawkins
$8.00 Nicole Kidman
$8.00 Kylie Minogue
$8.00 Megan Gale
$10 Sophie Monk
$17 Shanina Shaik
$34 Paris Jackson

Fashions On The Field – Winner’s State of Origin
$2.00 VIC
$2.20 NSW
$3.50 QLD
$4.00 Any Other State

Track Attendance
$1.83 Under 100,000
$1.83 Over 100,000

Melbourne Temperature at 3pm
$1.72 Over 13.5
$1.72 Under 13.5


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