A ticket to the Superbowl is pretty hard to come by, unless you’re media magnate Rupert Murdoch, which would explain why he’s the $5.00 favourite to be the first Aussie spotted at Levi’s Stadium on Monday morning our time.

Online bookmaker has Australia’s Ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey, as the next most likely to be seen on the TV screen at $7.50 should the host broadcaster mistake him for Jon Favreau.

James Packer is priced at $11 but has better things to do and to be honest, better people to hang out with these days.

The pressure has been heightened on Lady Gaga’s rendition of the National Anthem thanks to Sportsbet’s market suggesting she’s a $4.00 chance to forget any of the words while all hell will break loose if the San Francisco Stadium runs out of beer ($21).

“Sadly, the closest we’ll get to seeing an Aussie in the Superbowl telecast will probably be a Jarryd Hayne 49ers jersey in the crowd,” said’s Christian Jantzen.

Markets courtesy of
First Australian Spotted at the Superbowl
$5.00 Rupert Murdoch
$7.50 Joe Hockey
$11 James Packer
$16 Robbie Farah
$24 Liam Hemsworth
$26 Rebel Wilson
$34 Kim Beazley
$34 Chris Hemsworth
$41 Margot Robbie
$41 Jai Courtney
$51 Andrew Bogut
$51 Paddy Mills
$51 Ben Simmons
$101 Tony Abbott
$501 Crocodile Dundee

What will be spotted first?
$1.35 A Jarryd Hayne 49ers Jersey
$5.00 A Jarryd Hayne Eels Jersey
$5.00 A Jarryd Hayne Origin Jersey
$51 Jarryd Hayne

Lady Gaga Specials
$4.00 To miss any of the words in the National Anthem
$11 To have a “teste pop” whilst singing the national anthem
$11 To have a “nip slip” whilst singing the anthem
$21 To have a “Beyonce face” snapped whilst singing the national anthem
$101 To re-enact any part of American Horror Story whilst on stage
$501 To take her Golden Globe on stage with her

Stadium Mishaps
$11 A power outage to occur any time between kick off and final whistle
$21 Levis Stadium to officially sell out of beer


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