Lets face it, not too many Aussies actually have any idea about the NFL or the Super Bowl.

With that in mind, online bookmaker sportsbet have created several novelty markets so that even if you have no idea who Peyton Manning is, you can still have a bet and enjoy the game.

Firstly, the big man up in the sky is tipped to get a mention on the day, with $2.99 priced that God will be the first person thanked by the MVP during his acceptance speech. His teammates ($3.50), thanking nobody ($3.52) and the sponsors ($6.00) are also a chance, while anyone who tips Michael Crabtree at $221 to be thanked first had better hope that Richard Sherman doesn’t win.

Its become tradition to dunk the winning coach in Gatorade, but it is unclear what will be the Gatorade colour of choice, with both clear and orange the joint favourites at $3.70.

Punters are also able to bet on the off field activities, including if any of the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be topless during the half time show ($1.87 says yes) and what Bruno Mars will wear on his head (Fedora is the $2.00 favourite).

“For the majority of people who will tune in on Monday, they most likely may not have seen either team play before. So we have come up with a few markets that anyone regardless of whether you are an NFL follower or not can follow. We were going to do a few markets on Richard Sherman, but we didn’t want to cope a post-match spray,” said sportsbet’s Shaun Anderson.

In terms of the game, the Denver Broncos will enter as the $1.77 favourites with Seattle at $2.10.

Markets courtesy of Join Here
Super Bowl
$1.77 Denver Broncos
$2.10 Seattle Seahawks

MVP Winner
$2.10 Peyton Manning
$3.50 Russell Wilson
$5.00 Marshawn Lynch
$15 Demariyus Thomas
$27 Wes Welker
$33 Knowshon Moreno
$35 Richard Sherman
$35 Percy Harvin

Who will the MVP thank first?
$2.99 God
$3.50 Teammates
$3.52 Thanks Nobody
$6.00 The Sponsors
$8.50 The Fans
$11 Family
$13 Coaches
$16 Owners
$221 Himself
$221 Omaha
$221 Michael Crabtree

How many times will Peyton Manning shout ‘Omaha’ during the Super Bowl
$1.77 Over 32.5
$1.96 Under 32.5

What colour Gatorade will be dunked?
$3.70 Clear
$3.70 Orange
$4.60 Yellow
$4.60 Red
$6.00 Green
$6.50 Any other colour
$8.50 Blue

Will Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers play a song on stage together during the half time show?
$1.17 Yes
$4.60 No

Will any of the Red Hot Chili Peppers be shirtless during the half time show?
$1.87 No
$1.87 Yes

What will Bruno Mars be wearing on his head during the half time show?
$2.00 Fedora
$2.40 Nothing
$4.50 Beanie
$9.00 Fur Hat

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