Sportsbet offer odds of $101 for Sydney FC to go unbeaten all season. Adelaide are $151 to finish the campaign without a win.

70% of wagers are backing Sydney to beat Adelaide at odds of $1.55.

Sydney FC’s undefeated rise to the summit of the A-League table has many people wondering if they can go the whole season without tasting defeat.

Online bookmaker is offering odds of $101 for such an unlikely feat to be achieved ahead of their clash with winless Adelaide United.

Adelaide will take heart in the fact that the bookie makes them $151 to go the whole season without a win.

In their match up, Sydney are $1.55 to win their encounter with a draw Adelaide’s best hope at odds of $4.10 – a shock victory pays $5.50.

Over 70% of wagers so far on the match are predicting a Sydney win.

“Sydney have a mouth-watering friendly against Arsenal next year but the odds aren’t in their favour of matching the famous feat achieved by the invincibles,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

“But anything is possible these days, just look at Leicester City so there’ll be a few punters willing to take those extravagant odds.”

Markets courtesy of
A-League 16/17 Specials
$101 Sydney FC to go unbeaten all season
$151 Adelaide United to not win a game all season

Sydney FC v Adelaide United
$1.55 Sydney FC
$4.10 Draw
$5.50 Adelaide United


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