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Chapter 7. Telephone Betting At Betfair

Betfair online services are available via telephone services. Betfair Telbet operators are on hand 24 hours anytime, any day of the week to place bets on your behalf. All you need is too dial 132 BET (132 238), provide your telephone account number (TAN), full name and ask the operator for the market of your choice.

Telephone Account Number (TAN)

Telephone betting is easy and quick. Every customer has a telephone account number, which is required to access your account over the telephone by the aid of Betfair Telbet operators. You can get your TAN by logging into your online account and then click on my account to view my profile tab. TAN is at the bottom of that page.

Placing a bet via Telephone

• Call 132 BET (132 238) and give your full name and Telephone Account number as you will be asked
• Tell the operator which market you are interested in betting from your favourite markets
• You will be provided with the “Back” and “lay” odds for your selection(s)
• With your stake you want to bet with, you then request to back or lay the selection
• The operator will then call back the bet to you to confirm your intentions for betting and early details you gave
• The operator will then place the bet on your behalf
• In the case of a matched bet or unmatched bet will then be relayed to you to keep you in the loop

The final decision on whether to vary your bet is up to you regardless what you are using either your computer or telephone betting.

The punter actively manages his position and the state of your bet may not be resolved by telephone communication. The Telbet operator can amend partly unmatched and/ or completely unmatched bets that are on the system regardless the mode they were placed by. The process helps to achieve good relationship between the punter and the Telbet operator.

Chapter 8. In Play Betting

Online bets from bookmakers Mobile Betting is Here!

Mobile betting has arrived in a big way. All the major bookmakers support mobile betting through your mobile device and so do we !