Could Donald Trump actually win this election? According to Aussie punters the answer is yes.

· Trump into $2.90 to win the election as Clinton drifts.

· Punters put Trump in front in the key swing states of Florida, Arizona, Ohio, Iowa, Georgia and North Carolina.

Online bookmaker has again cut Trump’s odds to win the election from $3.20 into $2.90 overnight, a dramatic cut from the $5.50 he was a week ago. Hillary Clinton is heading the other way, out from $1.37 to $1.42.

The number of Aussie punters backing Trump has surged past 10,000, with 4,600 on Clinton.

Punters continue to bet big on the US Election, with Sportsbet having taken a $12,000 bet and an $8,000 bet on Trump over the past 24 hours, while Clinton’s longer odds has seen one punter part with $35,000 on her to win, with another staking $20,000.

In Sportsbet’s Swing State 6-fold market, punters are confident Trump can win the key battleground states of Florida, Arizona, Ohio, Iowa, Georgia and North Carolina. His odds are $2.50 to claim all six with 99.5% of the money backing him to get the job done. Clinton is priced at $4.33 with just $8 staked on her to claim all six.

70% of punters are also backing Trump at odds of $4.00 to claim the Rust Belt Double, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Clinton is favourite at $2.00 but just 30% of the money is backing her to get the job done.

With a Trump Presidency looking more likely than a week ago, punters have been keen to stake a bet on the size of the Trump Wall along the Mexican border, with 10m-14.99m the $7.50 favourite, while 15m or higher paying $21.

“Hillary Clinton’s had arguably her worst week of the campaign at the most crucial time and punters have responded by loading up on Trump. While Hillary remains in front, any more setbacks for the former Secretary Of State could spell disaster for her chances of re-entering the White House,” said’s Ben Bulmer

Markets courtesy of
US Election Winner
$1.42 Hillary Clinton (out from $1.37)
$2.90 Donald Trump (in from $3.20)

Swing State 6-fold – to win Florida, Arizona, Ohio, Iowa, Georgia and North Carolina
$2.50 Donald Trump
$4.33 Hillary Clinton

Rust Belt Double – Pennsylvania and Ohio
$2.00 Hillary Clinton
$4.00 Donald Trump

The Trump Wall
$7.50 10m-14.99m
$21 15m or higher


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