Sportsbet open betting on the number of elections held this year with two paying $17. Outlandish odds of $101 for two elections returning two hung parliaments.

Labor minority government at odds of $13, Coalition minority a $21 chance.

With a Hung Parliament an actual live possibility at odds of $2.75, online bookmaker has opened a raft of markets should that eventuate.

A Coalition majority government is still the most likely outcome at odds of $1.40 but Malcolm Turnbull forming a minority government offers $21.

For Labor, they’re $3.75 for a majority and $13 to form a minority – neither party forming a government and a new election taking place pays $17.

An unthinkable situation of two elections taking place and returning two hung parliaments is offered at odds of $101.

“We’ve not heard hung used in politics as much as this week since Tony Abbott was snapped in his budgie smugglers,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

“The betting still indicates a majority government will be formed and most likely it will be a Coalition one.”

Markets courtesy Join Here. 

Will there be a hung parliament?
$1.40 No
$3.75 Yes

After election there will be:
$17 No government formed – new election
$3.75 Labor Majority
$1.40 Coalition Majority
$13 Labor Minority
$21 Coalition Minority

Two hung parliaments this year?
$1.01 No
$101 Yes

How many elections this year?
$1.01 1
$17 2
$34 3
$51 4 or more


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