Property featured on Season 1 of The Bachelor tipped to sell for $6.5 million.

Shane Warne a $51 chance to swipe it up.

Remo Rumble priced at $16 to have a crack at revitalising the mansion.

The Bayview mansion from series one of The Bachelor is on the market and online bookmaker is taking bets on the selling price.

Considering it was bought for $10 million in 2003, the hot property is only favoured to sell for between $6.5 and $7 million at $3.00.

Falling under that price range is offered at $3.50 for between $6 and $6.5 million – under $5.5 million is the $11 outsider.

The bachelor pad being reused for series 5 is offered at $21 while Tim Robards ($81), Sam Woods ($34) and Blake Garvey ($101) are unlikely to be buyers.

Shane Warne is a $51 chance while the mansion becoming an Australian playboy mansion under Hugh Hefner is offered at odds of $101.

“Talk about getting a bargain! You’d think the celebrity status attached to the property would increase its value but this one is tipped to go for a massive cut-price,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

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How much will the Bachelor House Sell for?
$11 Under 5.5 Million
$5.00 5.5 – 5.999 million
$3.50 6.0 – 6.499 million
$3.00 6.5 – 6.999 million
$5.00 7.00 – 7.499 million
$7.50 7.5 million or higher

The Bachelor House Futures
$21 The Bachelor House to be used in the next series of the Bachelor/Bachelorette
$34 Sam Woods to purchase the Bachelor House
$51 Shane Warne to purchase the Bachelor House
$101 Blake Garvey to purchase the Bachelor House
$251 Sam Frost to purchase the Bachelor House
$501 Hugh Hefner to purchase the Bachelor House

Next TV Series filmed at The Bachelor House
$3.00 Seven Year Switch
$4.00 Home and Away
$7.50 First Dates
$16 Reno Rumble
$51 The Block
$51 MTV Cribs


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