Warriors Shred Cavaliers for 2 – 0 NBA Finals Series Lead“It’s déjà vu all over again,” said a legendary MLB player and manager, who was fond of malapropos, once upon a time.

Yogi Berra might say the same thing about the NBA Finals, as the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers play the ultimate hoops final series for the fourth consecutive year.

Game two of the series would have required a different Berra-ism all together, maybe, at any rate.

The second game seemed at times to be a case of J.R. Smith dressing up as Stephen Curry and playing for the Warriors. Nowhere throughout the course of the game was that more the case than when Curry, dribbling the ball off his leg and looking for all the world like Smith, launched a prayer with an expiring shot clock that hit nothing but net for a three-pointer that sent the crowd at Oracle Arena into paroxysms of ecstasy.

Curry added another eight three-pointers to that one, all of which seemed routine by comparison, setting a new record for long-distance shooting in a NBA Finals series.

The real key to the 122 – 103 victory, however, was Kevin Durant. He was the very model of efficiency, taking only the best shots and making all most all of them.

Cleveland managed to hang around all night, but whenever they looked as though they could close the gap, along came Klay Thompson to bury a three-pointer and restore the momentum to the Warriors.

The Warriors have managed quite nicely, thank you very much, despite the absence of defensive specialist Andre Iguodala, upon whom the Warriors rely to hold LeBron James in check.

Like Iguodala, another ex-Denver Nugget, JaVale McGee, played a key role and like Durant, was highly efficient with his shots, making them all.

The series now moves to Cleveland, who, according to some, “Will be a completely different team,” when Cleveland has the friendly court and crowd.

They had better hope so.


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