No doubt, there is plenty of change happening within the AFL at the moment.

The rules of contact, flirting with free agency and even the restricted interchange, it’s a bit like the world of dating, which has been thrown into chaos thanks to the arrival of the popular app, Tinder.

So to have a bit of fun, the office at online bookmaker has had a go at tipping what every club’s Tinder profile would look like.

Now that we have that silliness out of the way, in actual betting movements:

Sydney v Hawthorn: The Swans have shortened from $2.90 to $2.75 on the back of the news that Buddy
is playing, but punters don’t care, with the Hawks the best backed team of the week.

Port Adelaide v Fremantle: All the money is for Port in this one who have firmed from $1.58 to $1.52. 

Brisbane v Essendon: Punters could care less about this game, with virtually no money bet on either
team. Given their recent results, you can’t really blame them for staying away.   

Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: The money is now even in this one, with the Demons attracting plenty
of interest at $2.95.    

West Coast v GWS: Punters aren’t giving GWS ($7.60 out to $10) much of a chance in this one, with
the Eagles clear $1.07 favourites.   

St Kilda v Calton: St Kilda have been identified as value in this one at $3.40, with the money coming
in seven to one in their favour.  

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(Prices in brackets from Monday 5 May)
$2.75     Sydney                                   (in from $2.90)                          

$1.48     Hawthorn                             (out from $1.44)                            

$1.52     Port Adelaide                      (in from $1.58)                

$2.60     Fremantle                            (out from $2.30)                            

$4.25     Brisbane                                (out from $3.90)                              

$1.24     Essendon                              (steady)                               

$2.95     Melbourne                            (out from $2.70)                        

$1.42     Western Bulldogs                (in from $1.44)                              

$1.07     West Coast Eagles               (in from $1.08)                         

$9.00     GWS                                      (out from $7.40)                             

$3.40     St Kilda                                  (out from $3.30)                        

$1.33     Carlton                                 (out from $1.31)                                 





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